Sand Toys £15 @ Argos


This lovely Chad Valley Wagon which comes with sand and water toys is for sale at Argos for £9.99 While that is it’s ‘normal’ price, if you also purchase the 25 piece sand accessory set, which is ordinarily £9.99, for £5, meaning the two that would have cost you £19.98 now cost you £15.

I love the thought of a sand pit, but I must admit with a younger child I have concerns about a large sandpit – not to mention the hygiene risk with neighbourhood cats.  I like this Chad Valley Wagon, because it is both a manageable amount of sand, and in a portable container meaning play doesn’t have to stop for weather.

While the set does come with a few toys, the additional set has 25 toys including rakes and shovels in different sizes, and molds for building all sorts out of sand. Additionally, there’s two of everything, which is great if there’s more than one child, but more importantly, fantastic if one should go missing!

Of course there are plenty other options in the two for £15 sale which has been around for a while now, and as it’s around till almost the end of July there’s no rush, but it’s still a good reminder in case you’re in the market for toys!

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  • GateGipsy
    Sandpits are brilliant. You can easily get a cover for them. Children love digging, especially boys. And as another mum pointed out, they're going to dig. You just have to decide what you want tracked into your house. Sand or dirt. Sand is easier to hoover up.
  • Luschka O.
    Good point, I guess! My hesitation lies in an episode of House that I once watched where a kid got worms in his eyes from eating fouled on sand in his sand pit!! (I realise that's a TOTALLY rediculous reason, but will admit when I wrote about sandpits a few weeks ago I was relieved to see they come with lids! :p )

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