Rocket Climbing Frame £59.99 @ Argos

These outdoor toys always make me wish I had the kind of house and garden that seem to only exist in product catalogues and adverts or at least not to exist for people I know well enough to be invited to their homes. This Rocket Climbing Frame and Slide isn't too expensive at £59.99 and is certainly better than the RRP of £149.99.

Children just love outdoor climb frames and what not, and throwing in a slide is a bonus, isn't it? We were on holiday in South Africa once, in the summer, and they had the most amazing outdoors climb frames and slides, but all in metal and so hot, the kids just stood looking at it because it was too hot to climb. Man, that seems like a lifetime ago sitting here with frozen fingers.

Anyway, memory lane aside, this seems like a really good purchase. Fifteen reviews give it 4.5 stars, with the only complaints being that it's not the strongest contraption on the market (hence it not being the most expensive, I guess?) and that it's a bit fiddly to put together - welcome to flat packing.

It has a tunnel to crawl through, port holes to look out of, and a platform to stand on. It has a slide that's perfect for little ones and, apparently, is useful indoor and out.

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