Ride-On Tractor And Trailer £49.99 @ Toys R Us

rideOnTractorAndTrailer Toys R Us are selling this rather fabulous ride-on tractor and trailer for half price - it's now £49.99 instead of £99.99.

My youngest had a JCB version of this ride-on tractor and trailer and he absolutely loved it.

Before he was strong enough to pedal it himself we used to attach a horses long lunge rein to it and pull him along, ahhhh fond memories.

One of the things he loved most was filling up the trailer with 'stuff' to bring home - the amount of general woodland junk we accumulated whilst out on tractor/JCB adventures was quite amazing.

This ride-on tractor has something that his JCB didn't - an opening bonnet!

It also has a rear hitch pin for attaching/detaching the trailer, anti-slip pedals and the chain that drives the wheels is fully enclosed so there's no danger of little fingers, or trouser legs, getting caught up in it. It also has big chunky wheels like any self-respecting ride-on tractor and trailer should.

It's available for both in-store collection or home delivery, which will STILL cost you £4.95 because you're 1 pence under the 'Spend over £50 and get free delivery' limit.

Thanks to hillsbills at HUKD

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  • Jack M.
    Any idea what age range the would suit?
  • Henry
    Hi, Great to travel on tractor ride on toys, looking v.good, kids will like it.
  • Jack
    Nice to here about riding on tractor, its v.funny. When i was kid i used to play to this kind of things.

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