Ride-On Tractor £44.99 @ Toys R Us

Ride-On Tractor £44.99 @ Toys R Us

Calling all tractor fans!  Toys R Us are selling this ride-on tractor for half price - £44.99 rather than £99.99.

My youngest had a ride-on JCB, if he'd been allowed to have a ride-on tractor as well he would have LOVED one - but there are only so many ride-on toys one little boy can have...right?  No, he didn't think so either.

There are a fair few little toddlers where I live, they have slightly older school-age brothers and sisters and now the weather seems to have taken a turn for the warmer, I see the little ones scooting along or being towed along on their ride-on toys as they accompany their mums and siblings to the school bus stop.

This particular ride-on tractor must be like the John Deere of ride-on tractors because it comes with a quite a few features:

  • Large detachable trailer (very important)
  • Opening bonnet (even more important)
  • Rear hitch pin (don't lose this!)
  • Covered integral fixed wheel chain drive (no getting trousers legs caught)
  • Rugged style wheels (perfect for off-roading)
  • Anti slip pedals (saves a lot of bruising to little shins!)
You can pay £4.95 for home delivery if you wish - alternatively find something REALLY cheap to take you into the 'Spend £50 or more and get free delivery' zone - or you could use the Toys R Us 'Click and Collect' service and go and pick up your ride-on tractor for freeee!
Thanks to Syzable at HUKD


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