Razor Sole Skate £22.90 @ Amazon

This Razor Sole Skate is a bit different - it's a cross between a skate board and a scooter and is on sale at Amazon for £22.90, rather than £49.99.

Apparently skating on a Razor Sole Skate is like skating by stealth because it's so small - the size of your shoe apparently - so all you need to do is drop it on the ground, stand on it (with one foot) and then...SKATE.

There are only a couple of reviews but both say the Razor Sole Skate is cool and rather fun; like scooting without a cumbersome handle and skate boarding on one leg...

" Compact, rugged and cool if the street hasn't yet got one!" and "Great product , very easy to use and great fun," is the consensus of submitted opinion.

I was rubbish at skate boarding, I can't imagine I'd be any better at Razor Sole Skating either *grin*  The other thing I can't imagine is paying full price for a Razor Sole Skate!  £49.99 seems more than a bit expensive to me, but at £22.90 I'd probably give it a go if my son or daughter had developed a love of anything scooting or skating.

Happy Razor Sole Skating!

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