Up To Half Price BBQs @ Tescos

31 May 2011


Tescos are selling charcoal BBQs for up to half their usual price; prices start from £12.66 if you just want, or need, something small and go up to £100 for something much bigger.

I'm well and truly in the charcoal BBQ camp; I'm sorry, but anything else is just 'cheating' and why would I want to cook on gas outside when I can do it inside with much less faff?

I can understand why some people like gas because there's an art to cooking over charcoal and it's not really something we've mastered very well in this country.

Go to a BBQ here and you could end up playing food poisoning roulette with chicken, burgers and sausages that have been cremated on the outside but underdone on the inside.  Go home to South Africa, or somewhere else like Australia where BBQing is an art form and OH my goodness you'll wonder how we get it so badly wrong.

Anyway, enough Brit' BBQ bashing!

IF the summer ever decides to come back and grace us with its presence this year, there's a charcoal BBQ up for grabs for every budget.

I rather like the look of this pedestal BBQ for £39.20; then there's THIS one which is very similar to the, much loved in South Africa, Weber BBQ but for a fifth of the price at £19.33.

Whichever one you choose, happy BBQing!

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