Plum Metal Climbing Dome £39 @ Tesco Direct

Plum Metal Climbing Dome £39 @ Tesco Direct

My daughter's grandparents have asked me to keep an eye out for a climbing frame for their back garden for my daughter to play on. She climbs on anything she finds and hangs from everything too! I came across this Plum Climbing Dome and it looks perfect! Plus it's not going to break the bank either at just £39 from Tesco Direct.

This fab climbing dome looks like so much fun for little ones, it makes a nice change from a swing or slide and will definitely help with their coordination and balance.

The Plum Climbing Dome is very safe as it comes with ground anchors to ensure it stays nice and firmly on the ground.

The dome itself is made from durable coated tubing which will prevent any rust on your outdoor equipment. It comes in a lovely teal colour to add a pop of colour to your garden. The climbing dome is suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards.

If this one is a little small for your needs they also have the 10ft Plum Climbing Dome* on offer for just £75 too.

You can Click and Collect your Plum Climbing Dome for free from your local Tesco store or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Melanie S.

    we should get this. Maybe the boys will stop climbing on everything else :joy:

    • Chris S.

      How tall is it?

    • Julie W.

      Got quite excited at this then realised its 88cm tall

      • Nikky L.

        This was the biggest pain in the arse to put together. I gave up after getting halfway and returned it :see_no_evil::unamused::unamused:

        • Sara C.

          I don't know whether to be happy I'm not the only one with that thought, or disheartened that it really is a royal pain to put together...

          • Sheridan M.

            Ours is half assembled in the garden still, pretty sure the sun has faded the colours on the stickers!! We spent more time arguing about it and just gave up :joy:

            • Meg S.

              So pleased I read the comments. Definitely a none purchase for me!! Haha! Thanks guys!!

            • Sarahjane W.

              That's some climbing frame hey lol

              • Aaron P.

                Will be good to entertain kids over summer

                • Samantha H.

                  Says it's less than a meter tall x

                  • Gemma H.

                    Gonna get him one for his birthday :thumbsup_tone1:

                    • Patricia T.

                      im so tempted for those little climbers

                      • Jenny P.

                        Wow that's good

                      • Arlene C.

                        neves Christmas prezzie lol x

                        • Ellen E.

                          This looks amazing but the maximum weight is 50 kilo, which is 2 of my kids who are 5 and 3. Not worth getting in my case!

                          • Victoria J.

                            Grace would love this! X

                            • Liz W.

                              This would only encourage her...and me nerves couldn't stand it :joy::joy:

                            • Leigh D.

                              i bet Bella would like this :thumbsup:

                              • Louise M.

                                we need this! Might stop him climbing the tree and calm my nerves :joy::joy:

                                • Nicki M.

                                  Was just gonna tag u in this xx chris is off Wednesday and putting ours up if nathen wants to come play for a bit xxx

                                  • Nicki M.

                                    Aren't you x

                                    • Louise M.

                                      Sure Nathen would love to come play :relaxed: xx

                                    • Sj L.

                                      I went on and saw it had decreased :heart_eyes: deffo getting it now xx

                                      • Jaydene J.

                                        Going to order one this week I think xx

                                        • Danielle B.

                                          I would if I hade a garden to put it in... on our drive? Lol

                                          • Claire G.

                                            Bought the 10ft one and got it delivered today . and let's just say its a pain in the backside to put together . towards the end you need at least 2 people best would be 3 . or even better a octopus . kids not used it yet as they were in bed by the time it was finished

                                            • Donna D.

                                              She needs that the little monkey will climb anything :see_no_evil:

                                              • Natalie D.

                                                Good price for the garden x

                                                • Leanne G.

                                                  Does this have to be pinned down?