Plum Giant Octagonal Outdoor Play Wooden Sand Pit £48.34 Delivered @ Amazon

Plum Giant Octagonal Outdoor Play Wooden Sand Pit £48.34 Delivered @ Amazon

Plum Octagonal Giant Sandpit

Wanting a sandpit for the kids? Amazon are selling the Plum giant octagonal sandpit for £48.34 delivered. A rather super price, as this retails for £74.99 at Boots, £99.99 at Kiddicare and £99.99 at Tesco Direct.

The Plum giant octagonal sandpit isn’t your normal, tiny, little sandpit. Oh no, this is GIANT. The kids can comfortably play within the sandpit. Another thing that appeals to me about this one, is it’s made by Plum. I really do rate Plum outdoor toys. I like their natural looking products that blend in nicely into the garden.

With this sandpit, Plum offer a twelve month warranty that covers wood rot and insect damage. For me, that says a lot about this manufacturer. They certainly have faith in their range of wooden toy products. It’s made from premium FSC certified timber that has had all corners rounded and smoothed out for suitability as a child’s toy.

Of course, you don’t have to fill this with sand, you can use it as a ball pool. I did blog about a smaller Plum sandpit a few days back, and I said that I didn’t think it was deep enough. Well, this sandpit is a lot bigger and could make a fine ball pool.

It comes complete with a ground sheet to prevent anything growing through the sand. Also included is the protective cover. I have a phobia about cats pooing in sand pits as I once found some in my own pit when I was little. The neighbour’s cat had obviously seen it and couldn’t resist what looked like a giant cat litter tray.

This is supplied flat packed, so be prepared for some building. Apparently, it will take one adult, one hour to assemble. I never quite believe these suggestions, but that’s perhaps because I am not very good at putting anything together that isn’t edible.

The Plum giant octagon sandpit can withstand up to 50kg of weight and is suitable for children aged one and a half plus.

Did I mention that Amazon are offering free delivery when you purchase this Plum giant octagon sandpit? If it’s a giant sandpit you want then I wouldn’t stick around too long, as this really is a great price for a pit of it’s size.


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