PLAYTIVE Swing Assortment £6.99 @ Lidl

Swings This is a Lidl deal, folks, so there's no click and collect, and no buying online. There's also no checking stock. All there is is wombling down to your local Lidl and having a look-see and hope that they have stock. But at £6.99 each for a variety of swings, I reckon it's well worth telling you about!

We have loads of trees overhanging our garden, but no actual branches that we can hang a swing from. Our neighbours do though and their kids are always out in the garden, on their swings. My kids have a slide, so not all hope is lost. I know they would just love these swings if we could hang them from somewhere though!

If you're looking for something specific, this offer from Lidl includes board swings, disc swing set, ring trapeze and climbing rope styles.

Depending on your space, ages of your kids, or what's available at your local store, I'm sure any and all of these would go down well on a summers evening!

Thanks to AnnaMak at HUKD

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