Playtive Junior Sandpit with Roof £39.99 @ Lidl

Playtive Junior Sandpit with Roof £39.99

Lidl* have some cracking offers on toys, and this one really stands out as a bargain buy. The Playtive Junior Sandpit with Roof is just £39.99, and it's in store only.

This sandpit is made from solid wood with an environmentally friendly water-based varnish and plastic-coated corners for safety. It has a height-adjustable canopy with high UV protection which also functions as a lid to keep rain, leaves and animals out of the play area. You also get a water-permeable, root-resistant groundsheet to stop weeds growing up through the sandpit.

This item was available for a short time only at Lidl, though it does come back at certain times of the year, but if your local store doesn't have any here are some alternatives:

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  • Laura J.

    Sofia's Easter present? X

  • Louise C.

    layla would love that xx

  • Natalie R.

    for bottom of garden xxx

  • Becky H.

    i wonder if they're going to have anything else outdoorsy!!?

  • Lin P.

    You wont have any garden left lol.

  • Lucy M.

    I use mine as a ball pit my son doesn't like sand either x

  • Rayne B.

    Yes defo something like this xxx

  • Kiki N.

    If only my daughter liked sand :rolling_eyes:

  • Gemma E.

    We bought this a few years ago and is such good value for money might get another one.

    • Anna S.

      Does it have a cover with it?

    • Donna M.

      I've got the same one in my garden and the roof is the cover. You loosen the screws at the side and it slides down to cover it. My daughter loves it, she's 3 in May x

    • Katie B.

      What age do you think this would go up to please

  • Maureen L.

    might just go and get one x

  • Lorraine B.

    Looks cool, I'd need a proper lid or my cat would use it as a litter tray though. :sob: xx

  • Rachel M.

    Omg thank you so much for showing me this I was set to buy one like this off eBay for loads more X

  • Dannii L.

    That's no problem, you've helped enough by letting me know use are getting them in. Thankyou xx

  • Amy C.

    Yep and it's only £35 :heart_eyes:xx

  • Kirsty S.

    Want!!!! Are you ever at Lidl??

  • Jessica T.

    I like it but where to put it :)

  • Debbie W.

    That is a great bargain, think I may have to be getting that, more so for shade from the sun (when we get the while playing too. Thank you.xx

  • Holliy B.

    We got one of these last yr. still going strong, lid can be a bit stiff to lift/close on your own, but kids love it.

  • Holliy B.

    Close the lid after play - cats cam't get in xx

  • Kim M.

    and .... nice for the little ones this summer xx

  • Linda T.

    this is sand pit Adam & Grace have x

  • Abi H.

    :heart_eyes: Just needs a digger!

  • Jacqueline H.

    Awe that’s fantastic :grin:

  • Alex K.

    I'll take a look tomorrow I need to go their anyway xx

  • Shelley L.

    I don’t like sand that much lol x x

  • Sarah J.

    Though still think we could build a bigger one!

  • Natalie D.

    We have this for the boys. They love it!

  • Rebecca H.

    This would be perfect for our summer dates!!

  • Lana R.

    I saw this too and like it xx

  • Gary A.

    Yip I’ll nip in tomorrow and see if they’ve got it

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