PlayPennies Exclusive: 10% Off The Beach Towel Clip

PlayPennies Exclusive: 10% Off The Beach Towel Clip

I love this PlayPennies exclusive 10% discount deal because the idea is really, really clever. Ever briefly wandered off from your towel on the beach only to have it blown away in the wind and get covered in sand? Well, here is your solution and at a lovely discount price.

Discount: 10%

Promotional code: BTC01

Expires: 30 June 2012

The Beach Towel Clip comes in a handy set of four clips that, when snapped apart, simply slip into the sand and hold down the four corners of your towel. Say goodbye to searching for stones on the beach or using other random items to keep that towel flat.

Now you can just find your spot, lay down your towel and carefully push the Beach Towel Clips into place. Ta da! There are plenty of videos and advice on the site so you can see how to use the devices and you can buy them pretty much anywhere in the world. Lovely.


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