Ozbozz Stealth Scooter £18.39 @ Amazon

Ozbozz Stealth Scooter £18.39 @ Amazon

ozbozzStealthScooterThis Ozbozz Stealth Scooter is an Amazon Deal of the Week, so it's £18.39 price tag (instead of 29.99) is guaranteed until 11.59pm tomorrow.

I had a scooter when I was little; it was okay and I had fun scooting on it but it was like a stepping stone between a trike and a bike.

They certainly weren't cool, not like now where micro scooters are still king.

I remember when my eldest son was maybe six or seven and his nan asked whether he might like a micro scooter for Christmas.  I distinctly remember saying that he probably would but she should brace herself for him losing interest in it when the next fad came along and micro scooters fell out of favour.

Ten years on they're still as popular as ever and this Ozbozz Stealth Scooter looks pretty nifty.

Apparently it's the ultimate in cool with its matt black frame matching hubs, clip-off grips, decals, PU wheels, ABEC bearings and rear brake.

The Ozbozz Stealth has an easy fold and lock mechanism making it easy to fold down when you're not using it and has adjustable height handle bars which can be easily adjusted from 76cms - 87cms to suit the height of your child.

Ozbozz also include a spare parts manufacturers warranty with all outdoor scooters and it's recommended for scooter fans aged five years or older.

Happy Scooting!


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