NEW Smoby Adventure Car Play Centre £149.99 @ Argos

NEW Smoby Adventure Car Play Centre

Outdoor play is very much on our minds now that the weather is picking up again, and this fantastic new play centre from Smoby popped up as I was checking out the offers at Argos. It's such a unique toy that I had to tell you about it - I simply haven't seen anything quite like it! The Smoby Adventure Car Play Centre is a toy car with a slide, crawl tunnel, and a sand pit as well!

The car has opening doors, a turning key and a horn that makes sounds, then the tyres work as a crawl through, and there's a big slide at the back of the car. Open the bonnet and you'll find the removable sand pit section too, so there's loads of different ways kids can play here.

It's make of sturdy fade resistant plastic, so those lovely bright colours will stay that way even after being out in the sun.

It's a shame that it's not on offer at the moment, as it's £149.99, but that's still the best price around. As this is a new item to Argos we will be keeping a close eye on it to see if it drops in price though, so we will let you know if it does.

What do you think, would this keep the kids amused in the garden this summer?

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  • Carly B.

    the boys would love it :wink: xx

  • Debbie W.

    how cool is this

  • Chantal W.


  • Lyndsey M.

    Omg I love that

  • Barbara G.


  • Gemma S.

    this is perfect for nursery :blush:

  • Donna R.

    Love it xx

  • Christina W.

    Wow x

  • Denni W.

    how cool

  • Lucy A.

    how cool is this??? :joy::joy::thumbsup::thumbsup:xxx

  • Carla S.

    Haha its good but expensive I think although it is alot of things in one xx

  • Louise W.

    Wow his two fave things in one!!

  • Sarah T.

    - how freaking cool is this!!

  • June G.

    We want something like a climb & slide type of thing for our garden...might be just the thing.... grandad already bought that car for him but he's had that already :speak_no_evil: x x

  • Emma A.

    how amazing is this!

  • Shona N.

    these are awesome, I can't wait to have a garden!! X

    • Debbie N.

      Not a bad price either!! X

  • Katie L.

    That's amazing! X

  • Vikki S.

    Lol I thought it looked like good fun for the boys! X

  • Autumn R.

    That is awesome x

  • Debbie M.

    how great is this x

    • Tracy W.


  • Sam L.

    That's class

  • Shereen S.

    It is :relaxed: x

  • Claire L.

    Omg !!! I'm gonna make room lol , play date !!!!! X

  • Kate M.

    Oliver needs this! :grinning:

  • Donna R.

    look this slide

  • Sarah W.

    You need this it's amazing :speak_no_evil:

  • Scotty T.

    That's cool x

  • Steve S.

    Bit pricey

  • Gina R.

    Got a sandpit in the bonnet to x

  • Katie J.

    how cool Is this for nursery! Xx

    • Jodie W.

      That's cool that :)

  • Shell B.

    Looks good x

  • Jenna S.

    Boys would love this!

  • Sam L.

    This one is good x

  • Nicola B.


  • Susan B.

    A bit pricey

  • Michelle W.

    this is fab too x

    • Vicky H.

      Looks cool but its plastic :astonished: lol xx

  • Samantha R.

    How fab is that :heart_eyes: I want one xx

  • Alice P.

    Wow this looks amazing :smiley: kiddies will love this xlor

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