NEW Kids@Play 6V Sports Cars @ Argos

NEW Kids@Play 6V Sports Cars @ Argos

These are just about the best kids electric cars I have seen! The Kids@Play Sports Cars are jam packed with snazzy features and are designed to look like real flash super cars - your kids are going to love them! There are two brand new designs, a Diamond White Sports Cars Mk III and a Black Panther Sports Car. The white one is on sale now exclusively online at Argos, whilst the Black Panther model will also be sold at Argos very soon.

The best way to see all the features is to click through and look at the video on the link above as you can see everything working, and it looks pretty awesome I have to say. There's a real turning ignition key with engine revving sounds, a car horn that sounds, dashboard lights and coloured flashing lights at the front, a socket for an MP3 player so the kids can have a music when they drive, a forward and reverse gear stick, and some really sporty lift-up doors. It's like having their very own super car!

The Diamond White Sports Car Mk III is priced at £149.99, and the Black Panther will have extra features like alloy wheels and a more streamlined design making it more expensive at £249.99.

These are so impressive for a child's electric ride-on that I can't think that there's a child who wouldn't absolutely love one, and they would make an awesome gift for a special birthday.

We will keep an eye out for that Black Panther Sports Car as it should be appearing exclusively online at Argos soon.

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