Mookie Tailball 150 Gram Light Racket Set £6.53 @ Amazon

Mookie Tailball 150 Gram Light Racket Set £6.53 @ Amazon

Amazon are getting into the summer spirit with a half price sale on the Mookie Tailball Racket Set, reduced from £12.99 to £6.53

There's never enough to be too much in the cupboard to inspire outdoor play, so this racket set is perfect for now. It's also super light, so is ideal for travel and holidays. 

Tailball is apparently justlike tennis, but this game has a unique foam Tailball for whacking and smacking fun for all the family. Each player takes a turn to serve the Tailball to the opposing player who must hit the Tailball back and continue the rally. A point is scored if the opposing player allows the Tailball to touch the ground.

The unique flight allows you to hit the soft ball as hard as you can without losing control. It can fly high up in the air and will always land the right way up, which is quite useful for developing hand-eye co-ordination in smalls. The Tailball streamers slows and stabilises making throwing, hitting and catching easier.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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