Mookie Swingball Netball Set £21.39 @ Amazon

Mookie Swingball Netball Set £21.39 @ Amazon


Amazon are selling a Mookie Swingball Netball Set for £21.39, 39% off, giving you a saving of £13.60.

We’ve featured Mookie quite a lot over the last few  weeks and considering I’d never heard of Mookie before a few months ago, I’ve been amazed at the fantastic products they have!

The Mookie Swingball Junior Netball set is adjustable in height up to 2.5m allowing kids from age four to play with the set, and lift it as they grow.  As with the Swingball set Sarah reviewed recently, you can fill the base with water or sand and play wherever you have space, whether indoors or outside.

As for the game, two or more players can play a simple game of shoot and defend,  or solo players can practice goal scoring. For a proper game following the real rules, you’d need to buy two sets though!

Along with the set you receive a vinyl ball and pump, and the reviewers seem to be happy with it. One even says, “I checked this netball set had good reviews before I purchased it but it was even better than I expected."


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