Little Tikes Easy Store Slide £37.50 @ Very

Little Tikes Easy Store Slide £37.50

I've been looking for a slide for the garden and hoping that something suitable will drop in price, and this one looks perfect. The Little Tikes Easy Store Slide is half price at Very, down to just £37.50 from an original price of £74.99. That's by far the best price around and a bit of a bargain.

This is one of the larger slides that Little Tikes do, and it's a five foot one that can also be folded up for storage too. I can't see this selling for under £63 anywhere at the moment, so I think this is a great price, even taking into account the £3.99 delivery charge.

It's just the green and yellow colour one that is reduced to this price, but that's neutral enough to suit both girls and boys. The Little Tikes website says that this one is suitable for children aged around 2 to 6 years.

Reviews are excellent, with many saying how strong and sturdy this slide is, but that's no surprise with Little Tikes as they have such a brilliant reputation for quality toys.

This is selling fast so you might want to get your order in sooner rather than later so you don't miss out on this one!

Thanks to marktilson

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  • Lucy B.

    Blimey.. That is cheap. :grimacing:

  • Harriet E.

    Amazing! I've been looking for one like this xxx

  • Louise K.


  • Chris L.


  • Hannah H.

    not bad hey

  • Natasha S.

    , this is our slide, bargain X

    • Nicola M.

      That is a bargain! X

  • Suzanne S.

    Ahhh. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

    • Laura B.

      Yeah this one is :)

  • Davina B.

    Just shot upto £59 as I was setting up an account :smirk:

    • PlayPennies

      Oh no! Thanks for letting us know, I'll expire the post. That's such a shame :(

    • Davina B.

      was gutted. My almost 3 year old has outgrown her first ones. Thanks for all the hard work some of these deals are awesome :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Louise A.

    this is the slide I want!

  • Victoria B.

    , this is the same as mine

  • Cathy O.

    I want the bigger 1. Is it on offer anywhere plz

  • Simon E.

    Thank you play pennies, was just going to Argos to spend £75 on one not as good quality!!

  • Carrie S.

    how cheap is this!!

  • Rachael H.

    Cheap too!

  • Kate K.

    That's a good price. It's a lovely size

  • Rachael H.

    Thankyou :blush: xx

  • Amanda M.

    great deal great side

  • Kathryn W.

    this a good price x

    • Sarah K.

      Would love to get this but think I need a bigger house first haha xx

  • Lolly M.

    This slide is great we bought it 2yrs ago in the sale it is more than worth the price it is selling for at the mo, don't hesitate buy it everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lolly M.

      I would say ideal from 12 months with support up to about 7yr old x

    • Lolly M.

      my 20month old can use it independently and my 4 and half yr old loves it, its perfect for both of them x

    • Caroline B.

      Was wondering if surround for my 3 year old but ordered. Anyway as seemed a good prove

  • Brea L.

    Looks ideal for the caravan with it been able to fold it away too

  • Ann-marie B.

    its gone down even more now. Xx

  • Hazel T.

    My kids had this slide, bought it for my daughter when she was nearly 2 and we sold it on 4 years later and it was still excellent condition (she just wanted a bigger one) xx

  • Hayley A.

    this is the one we have xx

  • Emma B.

    Thank you play pennies I've just bought one x

  • Lisa K.

    My sister bought this slide for her daughter 10 years later I'm using it for my son :) and the only thing wrong it that it's has faded a little

  • Sammie I.

    i bought this slide from very a couple of weeks ago. just beware- delivery was late as always from very as they use yodel. the worst courier in the world! also, its very hard to get those little red caps on. one of mine hasnt gone on properly and theres nothing i can do about it now because you have to hammer them on. also, its quite a steep slide, it took my 2 year old quite a few goes to realise she needs to lean back a bit. but other than that its good for the price and would still recommend.

  • Kelly D.

    Just ordered thank you!! Been after one for a while. Great price. Just have to break it to the husband now that I've bought a slide:joy::joy:

  • Stephanie H.

    Gutted! Ordered one and it arrived yesterday! Ben put it together last night. Although only paid £50 so jot too bad. X

  • Sarah M.

    My 2 year old has this slide and she loves it. I paid £55 which I think was a good price. At this price it's a steal!

  • Laura R.

    We bought this slide 6 years ago for my's now a bit faded (to be expected!!) but it's still going strong for my younger daughter!

  • Donna S.

    Cheers , il have a look xxx

  • Amy H.

    I've ordered this :blush:, Harper say's thank you daddy love you xx

  • Amy C.

    Kids would love tht xx

  • Marc C.

    Get it ordered xx

  • Amy C.

    I like the fact it could go in the pool aswell xx

  • Sophie O.

    have ordred this for the garden so we can get rid of the cube

  • Nicola M.

    This is a fantastic slide and a great price xx

  • Paula G.

    Thanks Hun but this one is to small for Toby :worried:

  • Kate D.

    Thank you! Just used the code and it saved me a few pounds! X

  • Keira C.

    u still looking one? This is same as mine and great price

  • Shauna R.

    G says that'll do with the one they have

  • Ciara M.

    The commenta under it are fab it would be perfect for ur two x

  • Lisa C.

    No I've a slide already thought you might be interested though

  • Siobhan W.

    Yes looks good and would fit cupboard

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