Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset £1099.99 (with voucher) @ Amazon

Plus delivery is free!
Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset £1099.99 (with voucher) @ Amazon

I'm not suggesting this is an impulse buy, lets face it £1100 is a lot of money for a playset for the garden but if you are in the market for one and have been saving, the Lifetime Adventure Playset is a cracking price from Amazon with that 50% voucher right now. It's £1099.99 with the 50% voucher and still £1699.99 at Costco*, £2000 at Homebase* and £2199.99 at Wayfair*

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset £1099.99 (with voucher) @ Amazon

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Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset

  • All-weather resistant – will not crack, warp, rot, or Splinter; low maintenance - no staining or painting required
  • Free-standing – no need for cement; passes playground performance and safety standards
  • Soft rubber grips on swing chains to prevent pinching or snagging
  • Clubhouse with Hardtop roof; 1 trapeze bar and 2 swings; 9-ft. Wavy slide
  • Monkey bars; two sturdy 3-D climbing walls; steering wheel; integrated car map on Tower floor

Costco is the only site it has reviews on and they are all fabulous, if you want a look click here*

Delivery is free from Amazon.


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