KreativeKraft Duel Garden Toy £12.79 @ Amazon

Sort out disagreements the old school way!
KreativeKraft Duel Garden Toy £12.79 @ Amazon

Oh my days! This KreativeKraft Duel Garden Toy looks like the ultimate garden toy. Let the kids release their frustrations and settle their sibling squabbles with this. It's priced at £12.79 which is a bargain if it means my kids won't be nipping my head about "he looked at me" or "he changed the channel".

KreativeKraft Duel Garden Toy

The KreativeKraft Duel Garden Toy is a fun way for the kids to get out any angst or excess energy out of their systems. Might even use it with my teenage son to see if I can coax him away from his new Xbox. I'm sure the thought of beating me at a duel would appeal to him.

Worried your kids will take it too far? Worry not as the two batons that come in the set are inflatable. One is blue and one is red, which will in itself start an argument over who's getting what colour.

Also included are two battle podiums, a storage box and instructions.

This can be used indoors or out, but I think you're safer with it outside if your kids are anything like my boys.

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