Kid's Outdoor Fun Special Buys @ Aldi from 26th July

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Aldi have some great Special Buys coming up this Sunday 26th July, and some of them are definitely worth making a special trip for. There's a pool, play tents, a beach shelter, and lots of different games equipment to get the kids having fun in the outdoors.

Here's a few of the things they will have on offer:

  • Pop-Up Adventure Set, two tents with a crawl tunnel (Frozen or Mickey Mouse) - £19.99
  • Jumbo Paddling Pool, two designs to choose from - £12.99
  • Beach Shelter (UV30) - £8.99
  • Choice of 12 different Kites - £4.99 each
  • Bubble Guns or Bubble Sticks - £3.99
  • Table Tennis Set - £7.99
  • RC Mini Helicopter - £14.99
  • Play Ball (Frozen, Minions, Peppa Pig, or Mickey Mouse) - £1.99
  • Beach Ball Games Sets - £3.99

There are also more things to help keep the children occupied during the long school summer holidays, like activity books, craft supplies and more.

All of these special buy offers will be in Aldi stores from next Sunday 26th July, subject to availability, and you can find more product information on the link above.

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