HydroStorm Water Blaster (Pack Of 4) £3 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: SkyRocketDeals

HydroStorm Water Blaster (Pack Of 4) £3 Del

Want to have fun in the sun without forking out £££'s? These are fantastic and are so cheap. Amazon Seller: SkyRocketDeals are selling the HydroStorm Water Blasters for just £3 and you get FOUR of them. Plus that price includes FREE delivery.

I spent £12 on four of these last weekend for our weekly water fight, from Tesco. Only one is left standing as my little Dachshund chewed the rest to pieces. These are a bargain... just read those reviews.

Forget expensive water pistols. These fire water a fair distance. I was actually shocked how far the water goes (up to six metres), not to mention the pressure it comes out at.

They can be taken anywhere and are ideal for the beach. Want to take them on holiday? Not only will they fit into your suitcase easily but are really light.

My two year old was able to join in the water fight as these are so easy to use. Although, I shall point out that for safety reasons they are recommended for children aged three and above. Suck up the water and push in like a plunger and out comes that forceful spray of water.

Styles and colours may vary.

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