Garden Swing and Glider Set £34.86 @ Tesco

Garden Swing and Glider Set £34.86 @ Tesco

Lynley and I have written about this garden swing and glider set for the last few summers now.  Well, it's back in stock again and at another really good price, £34.86.  If you have enough Tesco ClubCard vouchers you still need to use then you can reduce the price even more, if you double up your vouchers as part of the ClubCard event.

I don't know if it's just me, but do you feel you spend most of your life, and money for that matter, in your supermarket of choice?!  I do, Tesco is 'my' supermarket and it feels like I'm spending more and more time there online too - it's just not right *grin*

Anyway, this garden swing and glider set - now, it's quite big so you're going to need more than a postage sized garden to house it in; it's an enormous three metres wide which will be about the same size as the grins on little faces whilst they're playing on it.

It comes in bits so you'll need to get your tools out when  you get home to put it together, think of it as a warm-up for all the pushing you're going to be doing once it's ready to be played on!

You can choose in-store collection for free, or you can pay Tesco's new £3 standard delivery fee and have it dropped right to your front door - the choice is yours.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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