Fisher Price Sprinkler N Splash Playmat £3.59 @ Argos Ebay Outlet

fisherPriceSprinklerNSplashPlaymat The Argos eBay Outlet are selling this Fisher Price Sprinkler n Splash playmat for £3.59.

Water and little tiny toddlers can be a scary combination.

There are too many tragic stories every summer about little tots drowning in the smallest amounts of water; it's enough to put you off water play with little ones for a very long time, but kids of all ages LOVE splashing around in water outside in the garden.

This Fisher Price Sprinkler n Splash playmat is one possible solution - the kids can enjoy splashing around and playing with water without there being any depth to it at all; fun for them and peace of mind for you.

It's brand new, covered by a 12 month guarantee and is suitable for little water babies aged 18 months and over.

There is a real shortage of other information about this Fisher Price Sprinkler n Splash playmat, but I don't think it requires a degree in rocket science - just plug in a hosepipe, turn the water on and SPLASH!

Oh, I almost forgot, you'll have to pay postage on this but it's only 99p - much more reasonable than the £5.95 you'd pay through Argos directly.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD

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