Fabulous Party Bag Fillers For Under £1.50 @ Amazon

Fabulous Party Bag Fillers For Under £1.50 @ Amazon

Goody Bag Fillers I've been browsing Amazon seller Hembrandt for party bag fillers and have found a lot of goody bag bits for under £1.50. As is the case with sellers on Amazon, the link below won't take you to the item directly, but click on 'more buying options' and look for Hembrandt to find it at these prices.

Bouncy balls are always loads of fun and help kids burn off some of that sugar fueled energy while they chase them around the house. Hembrandt are selling 15 for 99p, delivered, making them under 7p each - total bargain, I think!

The touchable bubbles are an absolute star of our birthday parties every year. The kids love having long-stay bubbles they can touch and feel. And they last for ages! We sometimes blow them in the living room in the morning and find them in the bedrooms hanging on the walls come bed time!

These are 12-packs for £1.34, also delivered, making them 11p each - well worth it again, in my opinion!

There's loads more from Henbrandt and you can find a whole list by searching for them in the search bar.

Happy party planning!


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