Double Swing & See Saw Set: £49.99 Delivered @ Smyths Toys

Double Swing & See Saw Set: £49.99 Delivered @ Smyths Toys

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The kids have been in the garden all afternoon (hooray!) and it's got me looking around for garden toys again. This set from Smyths looks like a really good price - it's got two swings and a seesaw and is £49.99 with free delivery. Considering a single swing will set you back around £40 this seems great value.

It does look like a pretty large swing set, so you might need a fairly big garden to put it in, but then you can entertain 4 kids at once by letting them loose on this.

There seem to be plenty in stock, and if you are in a hurry for it you can collect it from stores as well (though maybe not in a teeny tiny car like we have). The online reviews are really great as well, which is always reasurring.

Just under £50 to keep the kids happy outside in the fresh air in time for the Easter hols? Very tempting...


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