Children's Garden Bench FSC £17.50 @ Tesco

24 September 2011

childrens garden bench I know it is the end of summer and there's snow forecast for this winter. But now is really the best time to be thinking about grabbing some bargains for next year. Tesco has this the Children's Garden Bench FSC for sale, marked down from £52.50 to £17.50. Don't ask me why it is called a Garden Bench when clearly it is a picnic table. That's a question only Tesco can answer!

My best mate got a children's picnic bench this year and the kids ate nearly all their meals at it, not to mention using it for play. OK so they do live in France but still, it seemed like a really attractive bit of garden furniture to me.

Particularly if you've got, for example, a covered patio. Because it's weatherproof, you can keep the table out there all the time. And then when the weather's warm enough, the kids can simply pop outside to eat or do drawing. But there's advantages to outdoor furniture when the weather gets colder too. As long as they're wrapped up warm enough, kids don't really care how cold it is outside.

This garden bench is good size for kids, so your little ones can, according to the website, "enjoy the sunshine in comfort". It measures 75cm high and 85cm wide. It has a durable wood frame that is fully waterproof and (again this is the website's words) pleasantly comfortable. The children’s garden bench is well suited for eating outdoors, colouring, and playing.

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD!

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