Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen £99.99 @ Argos

Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen £99.99

Mud Kitchens can cost a small fortune, in the hundreds of £s, but as they have become more popular the prices are dropping, which is great news. You can now get this Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen from Argos for a much more reasonable £99.99 and get the kids doing their messy play outside!

This looks like a ton of fun for the kids, and it features a hob, two sinks, an oven and an 8 piece set of play utensils.

You can treat the wood to make it weatherproof in the same way you would a garden playhouse, and as this is about the same price as a wooden playhouse it's a great alternative for encouraging imaginative play.

I like to keep any messy play out in the garden to save me spending all day cleaning, and I know my kids love this type of thing. My youngest has a mud kitchen at school and it's one of the most used toys there, so I think it wouldn't take too long to get my money's worth out of this one!

You can click and collect for free from stores, or home delivery costs £3.95.

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  • Hailey S.

    I’ve just ordered one :grin: xxx

  • Jennifer N.

    Matthew just said “wow” and Gary said “no way”

  • Marie H.

    I just saw it. Kids would love it!

  • Michael T.

    Yeah I’m up for that,Molly would love it. X

  • Danielle V.

    Just what I want:thumbsup_tone1::grin:

  • Christine N.

    I was just thinking about mud kitchens again today! Good to see!

  • Garry H.

    He would love it! Mud and water.......

  • Sharron S.

    Both the kids would love it lol

  • Ronnie D.

    Oh it's not for you then lol

  • Sharron S.

    Need to get garden sorted 1st I suppose lol

  • Ronnie D.

    Skoosh should have had it done last year mind you

  • Sharron S.

    Yes well we all know how long he takes to do stuff

  • Kerrie A.

    Love it... I'm going to get this :heart_eyes:

  • Kerrie A.

    Or I may try make one first :thinking:

  • Kerrie A.

    Yep I'll try make one... can't be that hard lol

  • Ronnie D.

    Well get him sorted out lol

  • Sharron S.

    Easier said than done lol. It will be me moving the bloody stones haha

  • Emma M.

    Yeah I’d like one but Anthony says no :joy::rolling_eyes:

  • Linda W.

    Dad said ok he will try xx

  • Catherine W.

    They have got one of these at Freya's nursery, she loves it :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Laura L.

    My OCD makes me panic about the mess, but at least it’s outside x

  • Sarah C.

    Looks good! Will check it out. Thanks :grinning: xx

  • Hannah M.

    Yes!! They would love this! Keep them quiet for a few hours!

  • Pamela W.

    I built one last summer, they do love it :) x

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