Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat £3.49 @ Argos

Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat £3.49 @ Argos

This looks like a ton of fun for little ones for the summer, and it's even cheaper than it was last year! The Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat was selling for £6.99 last summer, and it's dropped in price a few times until now it's only £3.49!

This is a water play mat that you just attach to your garden hose and kids can play in the water jets that will spray up and onto the mat.

The sides inflate to keep the water in the mat, and it's decorated with bright pictures of sea creatures.

There's lots of stock about for free reserve and collect from Argos stores, or home delivrey costs £3.95.

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  • Kirsty W.

    be good for Bree I'm summer

  • Amy L.

    might be good for Darcy for holiday..

  • Danielle J.

    for the twins on holiday??

  • Ellie B.

    Omg you should! It's so cute!

  • Emily T.

    We need a water pool xxxxxx

  • Joanne H.

    Think scarlet will be to big for this now!:thinking: will have to get them a slip & slide.xx

  • Emily T.

    Slip and slide sounds good elle will love that too

  • Kimberley K.

    Aww my Babies would love this xx

  • Stephanie P.

    Ooh looks good! Thank you :blush: x

  • Sophie H.

    Looks fab that doesn’t it! I’ll Get one haha!! X

  • Katie T.

    Will have to get one lol xx

  • Jay W.

    Omg yes I want one of these! That’s perfect thanks bud x

  • Kirsten L.

    Hopefully we get nice weather to go with it :heart_eyes:

  • Megan M.

    I’ve ordered it there but dunno if we will get the weather to use it :joy: x

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