Chad Valley Slide and Splash Inflatable Bowling £34.99 @ Argos

Slide & Splash Inflatable Bowling

Are you ready for some mega fun in the garden? This Chad Valley Slide and Splash Inflatable Bowling looks awesome, and it's now at it's lowest price ever at just £34.99 from Argos.

This is just like one of those water slides that you can whizz down in the garden, but with the added fun of giant inflatable bowling pins, so that you become a human bowling ball!

You just inflate the top and bottom of the mat, pump some air into the inflatable bowling pins and line them up, attach your garden hose to make the slide all slippery, and then away you go to score a strike!

Reviews are great, and this looks like it would be such a laugh for the family on a sunny summer day.

There's lots of stock about, so you can reserve and collect for free from Argos stores, or get it delivered to your home for a £3.95 charge.

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  • Kim M.

    This looks so much fun xx

  • Jess M.

    Haha kids would love it x

  • Naomi B.

    If only it would fit in my garden - no chance x

  • Joanne C.

    Ordered. We can add this to our Sports Day event

  • Adele W.

    Noooooo ive just bought them a new water slide ! :persevere:x

  • Caz C.

    I'm buying this for mums new villa!! Xxx

  • Laura A.

    Kids would bloody love it :heart_eyes: and us lol :joy:

  • Anita L.

    Would be a fun drunk game! Xxx

  • Tina M.

    I love this let's get it ordered ha xx :dash::sweat_drops::ocean:

  • Amy L.

    you know me well... I can't miss out on the fun :stuck_out_tongue: x

  • Reggie G.

    :joy: I've already added it to shopping basket on argos

  • Suzanne D.

    The kids or the adult kids? :joy:

  • Corinna Y.

    Sod the kids I wanna play!!!

  • Hailey W.

    Omg yes!!! If everyone chips in it'll hardly cost us anything :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

  • Nikki T.

    i could see esmee on this hahaha

  • Ashley M.

    good for Gala if we had a lovely calm summer's day!! X

  • Lisa S.

    for the summer slip ‘n slide?? Xxx

  • Kirsty C.

    I want this never mind the girls :grinning:

  • Jodie H.

    YESSSSSS!!!!! I’m on it xx

  • Melanie S.

    You should get this.. then we will come sometime to play it :joy:

  • Jodie T.

    Haha! We love a good beer garden game :sweat_drops: xx

  • Hayley C.

    Yes I can see you having a go :joy::joy::joy:

  • Julie B.

    It would have to be a warmer Easter than this year was!

  • Hannah F.

    Christ! They'd go straight through the fence! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Danielle F.

    That looks ace! Will clean us down after fence painting and the few beers we will have had will help with out technique :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jodie J.

    :joy: I’ve heard tales of something like this. I will defo show him later :laughing:xxx

  • Richard L.

    We couldn’t do it ours :kiss:

  • Leanne S.

    The kids wouldn’t get a look in!!

  • Billy B.

    YES! Order it immediately! :thumbsup::sunglasses::thumbsup:

  • Hazel W.

    go on id love a go of that xx

  • Nikki K.

    Looks ace doesn't it!! Xx

  • Danielle D.

    Yeah defo...Just need the nice weather to play it x

  • Colin B.

    Lol good job garden ain't big enough for the tom foolery

  • Lynne P.

    haha ace that could be some fun!!!!

  • Chloe P.

    Oh my I would literally be in heaven looks so much fun!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Becky J.

    Do they sell it in aldi? :joy:

  • Abbey E.

    Urm yes! This looks so much fun! X

  • Jamie B.

    Imagine the fun! You know everyone would wanna get involved.

  • Laura S.

    id be shoving the kids out the way for me to have a go :joy: xx

  • Andy B.

    Sod the kids adults more like!

  • Claire K.

    NO WAY!!! We've got some kids now thou, they roll well ... :joy::joy: just kidding obvs!! We should get this thou :grin:

  • Emma B.

    Oh yes we so do!! :joy::joy: adults too lol xx

  • Jenny W.

    Omg this is amazing get it, so it kills ur grass as I had one of these and my grass didn't like it and turned to mud lol but I'd love to play it and ur grass handles anything

  • Ryan M.

    Oh my god kids would love it xxx

  • Lee D.

    Yeah after I’ve gone down it :grimacing::grimacing:

  • Jaclyn D.

    The troops would absolutely love it :heart_eyes:

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