Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide £3.49 @ Argos on eBay

Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide £3.49 @ Argos on eBay

Argos on eBay are selling this Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide for £3.49; if you're looking for some cheap summer fun for the kids then this might just fit the bill.

I loved playing in the water in the garden as a kid, it was just too much fun.  I can only imagine our neighbours on either side (who were elderly) must have dreaded the hot summer weekends, because playing running through the sprinkler or running away from the hosepipe or water bombs inevitably meant LOTS of squealing.

There'll be none of that where I live this summer - not because I don't run through the garden sprinkler any more (there's a mental image for you first thing on a Monday morning!) but because there is a hosepipe ban in FULL effect in my little part of the country.

If you happen to live in a non-drought area though then your kiddies can enjoy the rush of sliding along all four meters of this Chad Valley Inflatable Water Slide without you having to sloosh them down it with a bucket of water each time - although you could, if you were feeling particularly H2o conscious.

Obviously as this is Argos on eBay you can't arrange to go and collect your Chad Valley Inflatable Water slide for free in-store, BUT it will be delivered straight to your door for just an additional 99 pence - you can't say fairer than that!

Thanks to lucersymum at HUKD


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