Bunch O Balloons £6.99 @ B&M

Bunch O Balloons £6.99 @ B&M

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! They are here, they are here! Last year, we showed you a video of an amazing invention - Bunch O Balloons. I have literally burst through the door onto my laptop to share the news that not only are they now available in the UK but that they are available in B&M for £6.99.

What is 'Bunch of Balloons'? In a nutshell... Self-Sealing Water Balloons. No more fiddling with the water tap and having tie knots in those teeny tiny balloons. Just connect the attachment to the tap and you will have 100 filled and sealed Water Balloons in 60 seconds.

It might be brass monkeys here but unless there's a thunderstorm this weekend, I am playing with these. In case, you haven't noticed - I am so excited about these. Ever since, I saw that video on You Tube, I knew I needed these in my life.

If you don't live near a B&M, you can get them from House of Fraser* (£10) pack of THREE or for £12.95 at Amazon* which might suit you better if you have Amazon Prime.

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