Bucket Of Bubbles £1 @ Poundland

Bucket Of Bubbles £1 @ Poundland

Kids go daft for bubbles. I must admit I do like them too, that is until I have to hand over the bubble solution to the kids. They end up stickier than syrup and they spill it everywhere.

Here's something to solve that problem... Bucket Of Bubbles from Poundland. It's priced at just £1 and has proven to be really popular with parents.

The Bucket of Bubbles stops all those sticky spills as you pour the solution into the bucket, where it's contained.

Once that's done the kids can blow bubbles 'til their heart's content and you don't have to worry about them coming in covered in all sorts. My son once spilt bubble solution on himself and then had three ants stuck to his arm!

For just £1, you get the magical, non spill bucket, two bubble wands and a bottle of solution. Once the solution runs out you can just make your own with some washing up liquid.

I am stocking up on these this summer.

Available online but subject to a £4 delivery charge, or you can find them in selected Poundland stores.

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  • Laura A.

    Brilliant idea xx

  • Adrian

    Good day i live in sutton you can tell me at what shop i can find bubble bucket this toy. thank you.

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