Branching Out First Bike £29.99 @ Amazon


One of Amazon’s deals of the week is this lovely starter bicycle from John Crane, half price at just £29.99 instead of £59.99.

It will come  as no surprise to you, I’m sure, that I just love John Crane toys, but generally just look longingly at them rather than even thinking about buying them. They’re definitely in that wooden toys category of things I love but cannot afford.

Well, Amazon to the rescue as this starter bike – without support wheels (which is the point as Simon points out in the comments below)! – is half price.

The bike has a useful carry handle for parents, and has pneumatic – or reinforced rubber filled with compressed air – tyres. The seat is height adjustable, which is great for your taller child and the handles have easy-grip covers.  The bike comes in three parts, but should be easy enough to assemble.

The reviewers on Amazon weren’t impressed with workmanship and quality, which seems to be an issue for some of them, which is sad as I know a few people with these bikes who absolutely love them.  So, if you buy this, I guess just keep the receipt in case it needs to go back!

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  • Simon
    I think you're missing the point when you say it has no support wheels... this bike has no pedals, it's designed exactly for first timers to bicycles - they push themselves along with their feet so that they get the hang of how proper bikes balance and steer. It's only useful as a first bicycle (as opposed to a tricycle).
  • Luschka O.
    Good point - I hadn't thought of it that way - thanks.
  • Lynley O.
    Indeed. I got one of these for my son when he was 2 and it is brilliant for teaching them balance. He could push off and go for a long distance without putting his feet down quite quickly. When he progressed to a grown up bike he didn't need training wheels, which is the main reason people use these bikes. My sister had them for both her boys, who are older than my son, and they both went straight to pedalled bikes without training wheels. Which is where I got the idea from! Also because they zoom along so fast, well to them it is fast, and really enjoy it, trips to the shops or park are far easier and much quicker. You know what it is like with a 2 or 3 year old. They want to stop and look at everything, refuse to get into the buggy and insist on walking, and often decide that in fact they want to walk in the opposite direction!

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