Bestway X3 Island £23.02 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Toy Broker UK

Bestway X3 Island £23.02 Delivered

Going on holiday? You need the Bestway X3 Island. The whole family can enjoy it and it's only £23.02 from Amazon Seller: Toy Broker UK. FREE delivery is included too.

The Bestway X3 Island is an inflatable for the summer. It looks like the ultimate way to kick back and enjoy the nice weather.

It is an impressive 1.91m x 1.78m in size and can fit up to 3 adults or 2 adults and two children with a maximum weight of 270kg.

It features three cushions and an opening to cool your feet as you float about.

Unfortunately, this doesn't have drinks holders, but at just £23.02 I guess you can't have it all.

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  • Helen P.

    this would be right up your street!!

  • KayleeSpice B.

    mam get this for the villa xx

    • Stacey B.

      Does it have a glass holder x

  • Chloe G.

    Let's get this for our little trip xx

    • Sarah R.

      Love it that's my hand luggage already used :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    • Claire D.

      I'm not going in the water!!! I don't want to ruin my hair lol x

  • Stephanie M.

    why don't you get this for your hols? x

  • Michele C.

    I have 20kg luggage I won't have any spare weight left at this rate !!

  • Tracy C.

    :joy:you'd just get comfy then I'd bounce on and bounce you off into the water! :joy:

  • Catherine H.

    That was made for us 3!!!!!:sun_with_face::grin:xx

  • Rachel H.

    Perfect. Little spare corner for our cocktails too!! 6 weeks today :see_no_evil::sunny::relaxed::airplane::roller_coaster:

  • Charlann J.

    That's what I thought. We need it x

  • Emma C.

    We need one with wine glass holders :heart_eyes::wink:

  • Kerry N.

    :joy::joy: cocktail in hand... soaking up the rays :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: lol xxx

  • Pamela O.

    That's just what we.need lol.

  • Debbie B.

    I'm not blowing that up by myself :lips::joy:x

  • Sian M.

    We need to book a holiday for next year! We could be chilling in this with a cocktail :) xx

  • Wayne H.

    Defo sounds like a good idea getting steaming on it and end up lost at sea:joy::ok_hand:

  • Hannah D.

    We can float with our cocktails :cocktail::sun_with_face:

  • Luke B.

    Could be good for an inflatable race! :joy:

  • Danielle H.

    I love it x I think this is something we have to get x

  • Fliss B.

    very tempted to get this....:grin::sunglasses:

  • Cuz J.

    Or you could just sit on the edge of the pool? :money_with_wings:

  • Kirsty M.

    Oh yes that's very us :thumbsup:

  • Laura D.

    Awww can picture us in it on malta can't wait :grin::strawberry::watermelon::palm_tree::tropical_drink:

  • Jenny L.

    If we had cases I'd have brought it but don't think it will fit in hand luggage :joy:

  • Laura L.

    This looks so good :grin: i would probably sink it :joy::joy:

  • Michael W.

    They both look like they're holding on for their life's.

  • Emma B.

    This looks amazing :astonished: xx

  • Hannah H.

    Just needs holes for wine glasses:thumbsup::tropical_drink::sun_with_face:x

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