10 Of The Best Water Games To Keep You Cool This Summer

10 Of The Best Water Games To Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is here and don't we know it! Amazing hot weather which makes everyone happy and we all start to love being outside again.

So it's time to think, how do we cool down in this heat? Simple answer - Water Games in the garden, woohoooo!

I've found some great games for you to play this summer and some of them are even FREE. Check the kitchen and shed for some items that may come in handy!

Water Balloon War - Obviously the No 1 water game in history! Cheap, fun and simple. 100 Water balloons from The Works* for just £1 or grab these awesome Xshot Bunch O Balloons from Argos* for £9.99. Fill and tie 100 Water Balloons in less than 60 seconds with these sensational self-tying water balloons!

Water Slide Race - This Sizzlin' Cool 16ft Water Slide from Toys R Us*is just £14.99 and will keep you cool and give you hours of summer fun! Who can slide the fastest? Play this fun game with all your friends but be careful, it's very slippery, hehe!

Water Pistol Fight - Back in the day I used to have such an awesome little water pistol but I couldn't even get my baby sister soaked ha, oh how things have changed. Check out this bad boy from Smyths* - the NERF Super Soaker Squall Surge Water Blaster (WOW, that's a mouthful) for only £14.99! You can send the water blasting up to 10.6m (35 feet).

Rounders With A Twist Of Water - What a fantastic idea. Get this rounders set from Tesco*for £8. All you have to do is change the balls to water balloons and get yourself a few mini paddling pools from Poundland* to put down as your bases for a slippery, fun and wet version of this game!

Water Balloon Pinata - Loving this idea. Grab your water balloons and tie them up on the washing line, then get a few of these Noodle Floats from Amazon*for £4.99 each, cut them in half to make your bat and get whacking those water balloons to cool you and your friends down in no time!

Hula Hoop Bubbles - So much fun to be had with your family and friends making these huge bubbles! All you need is a paddling pool, some washing up liquid to make up the bubble mixture, some water and a Hula Hoop which you can get from John Lewis* for £4.

Water Balloon Spoon Race - Get the wooden spoons out of the drawer for this fun alternative to the Egg & Spoon Race.

Skipping Rope Water Splash - A quick and simple skipping rope game with a twist - the person skipping in the middle has to hold a cup of water! Sounds easy doesn't it? Think again, you have to try and not get wet whilst skipping! Get this large skipping rope from Argos*for £14.99. Good Luck!

Hose Limbo - OMG! This brings back so many memories from when I was younger in the summer playing this in our back garden! Basically you just need a water hose and someone to be in charge of making it higher or lower, then you and your friends can limbo on down!

Wet Sponge Tag - Just a normal game of "It" with a twist . Designate someone to be "It". "It" should have a wet sponge and runs around to catch the others with it. The first person caught becomes the next "It" and refills the sponge with water.

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