Ben 10 Patio Set £17.99 @ Argos

Ben 10 Patio Set £17.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Ben 10 patio set for £17.99 rather than its usual £39.99.

I know that kids love to have their own furniture, especially if it features their favourite (for this week anyway) character, but I do think £39.99 is a bit steep and would be unlikely to shell out that kind of cash for something that, in all likelihood, is only going to be used for one or two summers.  However, £17.99?  Well that's much more like it.

This little Ben 10 patio set features a round table with two folding chairs and a Ben 10 parasol to shade youngsters from the sun, as they happily sip lemonade through straws and marvel at the AMAZING summer weather we're having.

Okay, so it'll be us grown-ups doing the sipping of lemonade whilst commenting on the weather, the kids will probably be running riot.

I've checked various postcodes of friends and family addresses - they're all pretty evenly spread around the country - and stock levels are looking good across the board; you need to know this because the Ben 10 patio set if currently out of stock for home delivery (look at it as saving yourself the £5.95 home delivery charge!).

By the way, the legs of the Ben 10 patio set table unscrew, which will make it much more compact to store when summer is done and dusted for another year.

It's looking like it could be a good one - do you remember 2003? That was an epic summer and started off with the same weather we're having now - keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks to clairepinkprincess at HUKD 


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