Ben 10 2-Man Tent £14.99 @ Amazon

Ben 10 2-Man Tent £14.99 @ Amazon

Ben 10 TentIt's summer time, the days are long and hot, the evenings stay light till late. I remember as a child having a cowboy tent in the garden and loving it. The tent was a quiet space during the day (if a little hot!), and a wonderful adventure in the evening. We would eat our dinner out there, and try to spend the night 'camping' but would always sneak back to our cosy beds as soon as it got a little bit dark. This Ben 10 2-Man Tent is on sale at Amazon for £14.99, down from £29.99.

Ben 10 Tent 1According to the description, it is quick and easy to assemble. It looks like a standard design, and these types in my experience tend to be simple enough to put up. Importantly, as anyone who has camped (even if just in the garden) knows, it comes with a ground sheet. If you and/or the kids do manage to stay the night in it, the ground sheet keeps that morning chill from rising up out of the ground. It comes with its own carry bag, and of course there's all those cool Ben 10 graphics decorating the sides!

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