Batman 6V Battery Operated Bat Bike £89.95 Using Code @ Tesco Direct

Batman 6V Battery Operated Bat Bike £89.95

Looking for a Christmas gift to wow a superhero fan? How about this amazing Batman 6V Battery Operated Bat Bike? It's selling for £99.95 at Tesco Direct, but use the code TDX-PKMH and you get another £10 off. Considering this bike is being sold for as much as £159.99 at the like of Littlewoods I think this is a fab price.

This amazing Batman Bike has a 6V Battery to whizz it around, and you get the charger included with it. It's got both forward and reverse gears, and has up to 90 minutes ride time before it needs a recharge.

It has some really wonderful styling features with it's sleek black design, fins and bat logos so your little caped crusader can play at catching those villains in style.

It does say that stock is low so we expect this one to sell out quite quickly, especially at this price. Remember to add the code TDX-PKMH for that extra £10 off.

You can click and collect for free from Tesco stores, or home delivery costs £3.

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  • Catherine W.

    Jakey would love this :grin:

    • Gemma F.

      That is awesome xxx

  • Nikki S.

    Tyler would love this

  • Lauraa R.

    Oscar would love this!

  • Sheila U.

    better than a robin reliant

  • Amanda H.

    Elliott would love this lol.x

  • Kirsty S.

    this is what jude would like!! Lol

  • Susan A.

    Wow I know someone who would like this x

  • Matthew T.

    Lol :joy: thats ace, I want one.

  • Debbie R.

    Ummmmm I want this for Xmas :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Nichola M.

    I can totally see Oliver on this xx

    • Stuart W.

      Ha ha omg he would look amazin lol xxx

  • Karen K.

    I think Ethan would love this.

  • Emma P.

    how cool is this :joy:

    • Andros P.

      Very cool :sunglasses:

  • Megan R.

    I love that !!!! :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Sarah B.

    little Luca would love this :gift:

    • Jade H.

      It's wicked :scream:

  • Megan R.

    It goes 3mph :joy:

  • Mike H.

    I would love it, will it take my weight x

  • Tracy R.

    I think I've found a Xmas pressie!

  • Amy C.

    Never mind the kids, I want one for myself! :joy:

  • Darren S.

    He would love that

  • Tracey S.

    from Santa :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

  • Lisa F.

    this one has 2 wheels at the back?

  • Catherine S.

    I want to get Jack this

  • Alexandra G.

    this needs to happen

  • Claire W.

    caleb would love this

  • Caroline S.

    how cool is this xx

  • Cherydan K.

    Oh my god, he would just love that :heart_eyes: lol

  • Rebecca C.

    felicity would like this for Christmas :joy:

  • Jake S.

    Thats amazing

  • Kirsty M.

    thats fab looking cheers :) x

  • Stuart B.

    Cushty got to get him that

  • Amelia M.

    Looks class!

  • Kerry S.

    I know someone who would love this

  • Eilidh M.

    Awww he would LOVE This!!

  • Micaela T.

    Elliott would love this xx

  • Karen M.

    Haha how awesome is that x

  • April L.

    Omg that's cracking x

  • Beth P.

    Brilliant x

  • SJ H.


  • Jacquline M.

    thomas would love this

  • Beckie C.

    omg how cool :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

    • Emma B.

      How fab is that please X

  • Lisa S.


  • Megan C.

    Lol!! Do they do it in big people size lol x

  • Nicola O.

    Jessica would love this lol x

  • Lauren F.

    I know electric car was on the list but surely a super hero motorbike would be cooler!? :muscle_tone1: x

  • Danny C.

    :joy: epic

  • Chris M.

    Ha ha he would love that

  • Karl H.

    OMG noah would love it x

  • Michelle A.

    That's well cool!!!!!

  • Sarah B.

    - Luke needs one of these!

  • Saira C.

    Wonder if they do an adult sized one! Lol

  • Claire H.

    the boys would love this!!!

  • Kerri C.

    Can you imagine! He'd be in heaven! Lol

  • Steven H.

    Love it

  • Sam H.

    Price ain't bad either

  • Karl H.

    yes that would be good but would so want the music playing when its driving lol x

  • Jane P.

    Awww he would go mad 4 this bat bike the lil bat boy xx

  • Emma S.

    can santa bring this?

    • Emma S.

      Do they not have Adult ones?

  • Jonathan S.

    Problem is we would never get anywhere - spend too much time arguing over who has to be robin. :neutral_face:

  • Karen M.

    , Blake will need one of these when he's older :blush:

  • Shelley B.

    bob would love it x

  • Carly Y.

    hunter would love this also looks a little like him x

    • Becky Y.

      He would love this xxx

  • Tom B.


  • Jessica T.

    how cool is this!!?

  • Ruth J.

    Oh wow!

  • Adam B.

    I want this for me

  • Jen H.


  • Kel B.

    He would love it xx

  • Samantha N.

    Ta love think he'll love that xxx

  • Jordan L.

    I love it!:thumbsup_tone2:xxxxxxx

  • Lucy W.

    freya would rock this! Xx

  • Aimee P.

    They would both love this xx

  • Daryl R.

    no one is too cool for batman

  • Shelly B.

    bet Caleb would like this. x

  • Roxy O.

    Omg we were lookin at a motorised bike for him for Xmas this is perfect :) xxxx

  • Jade A.

    this one looks good c

  • Claire G.

    Ha ha. That's brilliant! :motorcycle: xx

  • Debbie W.

    think Jake would love this x

  • Jamie J.

    That's mint

  • Laura S.

    That's awesome lol x

  • Kim B.

    OMG he would LOVE this!!xx

  • Andrea W.

    Omg this is amazing yes!!!

    • Andrew D.

      Every little super hero should have one of these x x

  • Jamie H.

    That's so cool

  • John M.

    My son has one. Costume too. :joy:

  • Klaire H.

    Think Jack would love this.

  • Karen U.

    Christmas sorted!!!!

  • Suzie D.

    Brilliant. They are great. He'll love it.

  • Marina B.

    If only it had 2 wheels lol xx

  • Suzie D.

    I love play pennies.

  • Karen S.

    Super cool

  • Helen W.

    paddy would love this!!

    • Anne B.

      Aw he would love that x

  • Alexandra K.

    Bella would love this! :joy:

  • Diane M.

    Will need to have a word with Santa xxx

  • Chrissy P.

    I can think of some boys who would love this

  • Louise E.

    Haha wouldn't hold my weight lol xx

  • Clare F.

    Taylin would love this :blush: xx

  • Chloe C.

    Harry would love it!!

  • Vickie T.

    Ellis would absolutely adore this!!!

  • Eileen H.

    Wow Sebastian would love this.xxxxxxxx

  • Stacey G.

    Oh my God I love it!!!

  • Kathryn J.

    harry would love this

  • Charl W.

    Thanks Hun xx

  • Jenny F.

    charlie needs this!

  • Helen T.

    Ha love it! X

  • Vikki-Jade P.

    Christmas prezzie :grinning:

  • Beth W.

    He'd love it!! Xxx

  • Ann-Marie M.

    Jace needs this x

  • Zoe B.

    Omg that is awesome !!! X

  • Mary M.

    Omg! That is ace :)

  • Kelly W.

    Jensen would love this

  • Handclaire S.

    That's mint x x

  • Lauren O.

    Ano the boy stuff is class!

  • Conal N.

    All the super hero stuff is cool

  • Pamela A.

    Cooper wants this!

  • Lucy C.

    how cool cool is this! xx

  • Naomi H.

    - Len needs this in his life...!! :joy:

    • Phil J.

      Never mind Lenny. I want that!! X

  • Adam T.

    OMG OMG OMG OMG yes a thousand yeses .... Have you seen this amazingness

  • Cassie T.

    Omg! :flushed:xxx

  • Kaye R.

    Casey would love this

  • Aislín M.

    Love this

  • Corinna Q.

    Now that's what I call a cool battery operated vehicle :sunglasses:

  • Lorraine B.

    Better get saving then lol

  • Brooke N.

    So epic!!

  • Sam S.


  • Sheri C.

    just got this for Sammy bday lol xx

    • Lisa H.

      So cool x

    • Sue M.

      Aw he'll love it! Xx

  • Katie S.

    Riley would love it x

  • Chloe D.

    Omg i want one and a superman onenn

  • Julie M.

    I would love that batman bike for my grandson birthday he will be 3 yr old. Little Kooper.

  • Gail S.

    getting this for Rylee for Christmas

  • Leona T.

    That's class I could picture the boyos on this lol

  • Hayley E.

    how awesome is this!!

  • Nicola D.

    If only I had the money to for this! It's amazing !

  • Aimée L.

    Omfg!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Adele R.

    ... even I want this for me :joy::joy:

  • Natasha J.

    Love it!!!xxx

  • Leigh B.

    Max would love this ha

  • Lianda G.

    Hahahaha he'd love that!!

  • Sue S.

    I think Henry would like this!!

  • Heather M.

    could imagine Mason on this , looks fab x

    • Linda A.

      Lol yes he'd love that xx

  • Hayley M.

    Love it lol x

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