Banzai Strike N Slide Bowling Water Game £9.99 @ Littlewoods Clearance

waterslide This Banzai Strike n Slide Bowling water game looks like so much fun, I'm sure there are plenty of 'grown ups' who wish it came in a bigger version.

Almost 800 other people have bought one of these Banzai Strike n Slide Bowling water games and I can't say I blame them - the original retail price was £30 but now Littlewoods Clearance are selling them for just £9.99.

The object of the game is two-fold

  1. get as wet as possible and shriek a lot whilst playing in the garden
  2. slide down the alley, like a human bowling ball, and knock all the pins down at the other end to get a STRIKE!

The alley is over 18 feet long and there are six pins that you fill with water to keep them stable as you hurtle your way towards them.

The Banzai Strike n Slide Bowling water game is brand new in its box, is suitable for little water babies aged five years or older and will attach easily to any hose.

You can only pay through PayPal, but that's not a huge drama, and delivery is free too.

Thanks to parisp at HUKD

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