Airpro Bouncy Castle with Slide & Pool £85 (was £130) @ Tesco Direct

Airpro Bouncy Castle with Slide & Pool £85 (was £130) @ Tesco Direct

Looking for a garden toy to wow the kids this summer? This looks like the most amazing fun for the garden, and it's a fantastic price as well. The Airpro Bouncy Castle with Slide and Pool is reduced to £85 at Tesco Direct, and that's a big saving on the original price of £130.

The bouncy castle part comes with a built-in fan that can be turned off once it's inflated to keep the noise down, and you can use the castle on it's own or add the extra parts when you want to.

The slide leads down into an inflatable pool that can be used either for water outside when its nice and warm or for play balls.

Home delivery costs £3 for standard or £5.95 for next day, or you can click and collect for free, though it might be a fairly substantial size to collect!

Now all we need is some more sunshine!


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  • Kim M.

    Water & a bouncy castle...? :see_no_evil: that's asking for a broken bone!

    • Kathryn N.

      Tempted !x

      • Michelle S.

        this is the one I was talking about! I want this! :blush:

        • Kimberly M.

          Wow that's huge !! X

        • Chloe O.

          the boys need this!!

          • Charlene C.

            I got this last year at full price. Looks the part but I found my child was easily bored of it!

            • Elisha L.

              That's class

              • Mary S.

                you need this for the garden the kids would love it xx

                • Jasmine B.

                  I saw this if only our garden was big enough x

                • Amy B.

                  Love it !! :heart_eyes:

                  • Kelly T.

                    now that's what you need

                    • Lou S.

                      <3 just what we were talking about :-)

                      • Deborah E.

                        My daughter just had this for her bday really loves it and so does my son

                        • Shiobhain K.

                          bouncy castle and pool all in one...!

                          • Charlie G.

                            kids love this this summer!!!!

                            • Claire M.

                              We have this and after a week it had come away at the sides the only bit that's still staying up is the pool

                              • Siobhan H.


                                • Lily H.

                                  I want this

                                  • Louisa R.

                                    I'm thinking an early birthday present :-) xx

                                    • Claire H.

                                      Kids would love this

                                      • Sarah G.

                                        Wow how good would this be for the kids z

                                        • Steph B.

                                          I was gutted seen this just after we got dylans but if uncle stu buys it all the kids happy whoever house they at lol

                                          • Sarah G.

                                            Haha too right. Kids would love him wouldn't they x

                                            • Steph B.

                                              Oh yes he be their favourite daddy/ uncle :wink::wink:

                                              • Sarah G.

                                                Definitely. Stus just said do we mind he's trying to play candy crush and he keeps.getting notifications haha

                                                • Steph B.

                                                  Hahaha u kno u wanna buy it lol xx

                                                  • Stuart G.

                                                    I'll put Lulus slide over the canal at the back just as good and free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                                                    • Steph B.

                                                      Hahaha :wink::wink:

                                                      • Stuart G.

                                                        Plus I can fish at the same time

                                                        • Steph B.

                                                          Yeah an ur lookin after all the kids why ur fishing lol

                                                          • Stuart G.

                                                            I can teach em to fish too winner all roads

                                                            • Steph B.

                                                              Oh are ryan an lewis will love it, anytime u want to take them fishing feel free :wink:

                                                              • Stuart G.

                                                                Ok no probs

                                                                • Steph B.

                                                                  U would def be their fave uncle then :wink:

                                                                  • Sarah G.

                                                                    We will have to sort a weekend out when we are all free and they can go fishing. Little ones can stay here and play x

                                                                    • Steph B.

                                                                      Yep sounds good to me xx

                                                                    • Marlyn M.

                                                                      I bought this for my grandchildren and they love it,well worth the money.