4-in-1 Garden Playset £90 @tescodirect

Hurrah for the sunshine! At last it's time to get outside at every opportunity so if your garden entertainment needs some updating, this is a nice deal. outdoors This 4-in-1 garden playset features a swing, a slide, a glider and a trampoline amd it can be yours for £90, down from £125.00

I am reliably informed that if you use the code TD-P47F at checkout you can also get a further £10 off, although I can't promise that as I haven't tried it.

These items are suitable for children aged 3 and over and have a maximum weight restriction of 45kg each seat simultaneously, with the proviso that you shouldn't exceed a combined weight of 225kg. I wonder if you have to weigh visitors before playdates just in case?

Clubcardset holders can obviously also earn points on this purchase.

I didn't quite understand the info on the Tesco page under 'features' for this garden playset but it looks to me like it's better suited to the under 8's. I can't tell the height of the slide but we have a mini trampoline like the one pictured here and it doesn't hold much fun for anyone much over 3. If you're not sure whether this set is suitable for your little people, I recommend giving them Tesco Direct a call to establish the exact dimensions.

With thanks to millarcat at HUKD.

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