13ft Trampoline £73.39 @ Argos

trampoline BOING!  BOING!  B O I N G!!!

This trampoline is H U G E so if your garden is the size of a postage stamp, or you don't mind losing your lawn to a huge springy round thing, then this is probably not the deal for you.  BUT if you have the space, then your kids are going to go mad for this.

Did you ever do trampolining as a kid at school? Doing seat-drops, swivel-hips and back-drops (I never liked doing back-drops very much) and being totally envious of the classmate who did trampolining out of school and could do show-off somersault stuff.

If you didn't, here's your chance to have a go; if you did, now you can relive those'glory' days...all when your child is either asleep or otherwise engaged doing something because of you have one of these in your garden, they will want to spend every waking moment BOUNCING on it.

My children ADORE their trampoline - it gets them out of the house and into the fresh air, it's surprisingly physical just bouncing around so it's great exercise and above all else, it's FUN!

This isn't available for store pick-up because it's heavy, so you'll have to wait for it to be delivered but it will be worth it!

Now, before I go - this has been reduced from £146.79 to £73.39 but there is a tiny bit of small print at the bottom of the Argos page which states: Current selling price valid until 23/03/2010, which is tomorrow.  Whether this means they're going to put the price back up after  that, I don't know but thought you should be aware just in case.

Thanks to ferrers over at HUKD!

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