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11 March 2011

Focus trampoline It will be a nice summer this year. It will, it will! I am determined that this year we'll be out in the garden. After the winter we've had, I need all the sunshine I can get. So outdoor garden toys are definitely on the top of my need-to-get list.

We've already got a trampoline, and I can't rave enough about how much fun they are for playing on. Focus have reduced this 10ft trampoline with enclosure from £149.99 to £99.99. But you can get a further 20% off the price, and pay £84.99, using the code below.

  • Discount: 20%
  • Promotion code: FRIENDS11
  • Expires: unknown

To use the code, go to the My Basket page and enter it in the Promotion Code. The discount will be applied immediately to your order.

The 10ft trampoline is suitable for children aged six years and over. The maximum user weight for this trampoline is 100kg. It has galvanised springs and tubing, and weather resistant pads. It also comes with an enclosure, as the name suggests.

I think enclosures are essential for trampolines. My niece dug a hole in their garden, and put the trampoline in there so it was flush with ground level. But that's not possible in everyone's garden. Kids do eventually come off trampolines. Every child I knew growing up, when no-one had enclosures, who had a trampoline broke an arm or a leg at some point.

Our cat has taken to using the blue foam padding on the sides of the enclosure as a scratching post! The poor things are looking almost completely shredded. I was wondering if lagging, of the kind you use to keep pipes from freezing, is a suitable substitute? It is fairly cheap to get and we're going to go through a lot if the cat keeps this up. Has anyone tried that, and did it work?

Thanks to lyndaloo at HUKD!

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