100 Play Balls £2 @ Woolworths.co.uk

100 Play Balls £2 @ Woolworths.co.uk


Woolworths.co.uk is currently selling 100 play balls for just £2. Whereas they normally cost £8, which is quite expensive, since you can get them at Tesco for r£5, they are now 75% less , which is a serious bargain!

I absolutely love the ballpits at our local soft play centre. It’s great for kids and adults. In fact last week I tweeted about how ball pits should be used in marriage counselling – it’s fab, you can throw things without getting hurt and you end up rolling around laughing. It’s great fun.

Of course, in a home situation most of us don’t have such big ball pits, which at least means you won’t need as many bags to fill up your pool or pit.

And if you don’t have a ball pit, you can still really enjoy these balls though. A friend of ours has a bag full at her home for whenever we visit – my daughter tips it out and spends hours chasing the dogs to get all the balls back in the bag. It’s excellent value for money – especially at £2.

Thanks to chelstar21 at HUKD


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