Pk Of 3 Canvas Storage Boxes £7.99 @ eBay/Argos Outlet

10 September 2014

canvas storage boxes

I don't know about you, but I am always looking at ways to keep my house organised and looking somewhat tidy. Today, we found these.... Pack of three canvas boxes for only £7.99 from the Argos Outlet on eBay. I think for three of them, that is a brilliant price. I have seen similar selling for £4 each in my local Home Bargains.

I like these a lot, they fold flat and will hold bits and bobs in to keep rooms looking less messy. Whether it's to bung homework books in or toy cars, storage boxes like these are ever so handy to have in the house. They have handles on them too, so are easy to transport.

There's three designs, one that you get and owl design, a gingham and a daisy one. The blue ones you get a plain blue one, a camouflage one and a star design one. The other set has a pastel stripe design, a floral one and a plain purple box.

If your not keen on the idea of canvas, then check out these set of three crocodile lid 28 litre storage boxes for the same price. They are available in blue* or pink*

All of the storage sets mentioned can be collected for free from Argos or can be delivered at a charge of £3.95.

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