Over-The-Door Toy Collector

I absolutely love this over-the-door toy collector idea that I just read over at Parent Hacks - if you've ever trodden on a Star Wars figure with up-turned arms (the figure, not YOU standing on it with up-turned arms, that would just be weird) or rogue pieces of LEGO then you're going to be rushing off to your nearest Argos this afternoon.

An over-the-door shoe organiser makes a great condo' for all those toys and bits and pieces that don't belong with anything else or have any other homes to go to when they're not being played with.

I rather like the idea of storing current LEGO creations in a pocket or two, too - my youngest is rather partial to keeping various LEGO things he's made for a little while and this would be the ideal place to keep them safe and tidied away.

Of course, you could always store the odd pair of shoes and slippers in it as well, if you've got any pockets hanging around with nothing to 'do'.

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