Nursery Worker Suspended After Calling Children Names On Facebook

Nursery Worker Suspended After Calling Children Names On Facebook

ms neeson pm

A nursery nurse in Motherwell has been suspended from her position after calling children in her care “ w*****s” and “a*******s” on Facebook.

The Daily Record reports that 18 year old early years nursery worker Hayley Neeson complained about the youngsters on Facebook - claiming she had been bitten, spat on and headbutted by three-year-olds. Neeson is a trainee at Forgewood Nursery Centre in Motherwell and on Monday night after she decided to vent on social media.

Her first post said: “ First day back at work. Been in the room for at least 10 minutes and already been bitten, spat on, head butted and told to f*** off. Lovely manners of three year old children, bunch ae w******.” Her post was liked by 16 friends, with one pal telling her “Forgie weans for you” and she responded with: “ Aye... a********,” alongside the emoji of a fist.

Within hours the nursery and the council had been flooded with complaints from parents outraged at the posts, which have since been deleted - but not before the screen shots were copied and shared. A council source has apparently confirmed that Ms Neeson has been suspended and an investigation is under way.

Here at PlayPennies we have been discussing this story at length this morning, and lots of thoughts have come out of it. How can someone in a position of authority act so unprofessionally? How could you make comments on social media like this and not expect repercussions? Was it just naive? How much do we know about the people we are trusting to care for our children?

There's also the other side of the story... three year olds spitting, head butting and swearing at their carers? Do nursery workers and teachers get this much abuse from children, and how can it be dealt with?

There are more questions raised by this incident, and it has provoked a lot of anger. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.

Pic Facebook / Daily Record

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  • Frankie2015
    I work in a nursery and have had clumps of hair ripped from my head colleagues have had bones broken a pregnant lady kicked deliberately in the stomach and the children don't really suffer any consequences. Our nursery refuse to suspend or expell children and we all feel helpless in the approach we can take. That being said it does not make it OK for an adult to behave like a child and call children names. Very unprofessional.