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I have the Kallax Cube Storage in my children's bedroom and they are an absolute godsend for as far toy storage is concerned. Homebase sell Non-Woven Storage Boxes that look very similar to the ones that fit in the Kallax called Drona. The Homebase ones should fit in the Kallax units as they are smaller than the Drona boxes. Get the Homebase Non-Woven Storage Boxes for just £2, reduced from £2.99.

Here's a list of the storage boxes available from Homebase: Spots*, Stripes*, Cream*, Blue*, Black*, Red*, Green*, Pink*, and Orange*. Something for any colour scheme.

You don't have to use these in Cube Storage Cases either. Pop one down the side of your sofa for the TV Guide and the remote controls. They are handy for putting socks and pants in. The lists are endless really, they are really versatile.

These Non-Woven Storage Boxes will come flat and it's just a matter of popping them up. They are sturdy enough to hold the likes of small toys and can fold back down when not in use.

You can collect your Non-Woven Storage Boxes for FREE from a Homebase store near you or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your door. Homebase give you the option of paying now and collecting from store or reserving your items and paying in store.

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