Legler Alphabet Train Wagon Children's Decoration From £1 Per Letter @ Amazon

Alphabet Train From £1 Per Letter

These Train Decorations have been a popular Nursery Ornament for a fair few years. They are adorable and a lovely way to personalise that special room. Most of the time each element is wooden and they can be rather pricey. Amazon are selling each letter from just £1, so now's the time to buy it the whole Train.

The Legler Alphabet Train Letters are handmade and are plain so I think you should have no problem with you painting them.

Put them on a Book Shelf, or you can even stick them on the wall! They come with sticky pads for that apparently. I wouldn't have thought this would have been possible but I guess it must be.

Each Letter has a Hook and Eye so they can link together.

These are add on items when purchased from Amazon, so they need to be part of an order totalling £20+. If you don't want to spend all that then grab them from a third-party seller from just £1.14 a letter with FREE delivery included.

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