Disney Princesses Toy Chest £27.00 @ Boots

Disney Princesses Toy Chest £27.00 @ Boots

Disney Princesses Toy Box

Need a pretty storage solution for a child's room? The Disney Princesses toy chest at Boots might be just the thing you need for all those new Christmas presents. Reduced from £40.00 to £27.00, and still £39.99 at Amazon, the toy chest is already a good deal, but it's also part of the Boots 3 for 2 sale, so you could buy three and get one free or mix and match with other items.

My daughter is still only 14 months old, so 'pickup' is really just a game mummy plays where I walk around bent double saying “Pick up toys, Little Girl, pick up toys” - a little like a hen pecking around a garden.

Of course, I'm hoping that my example will rub off and by the time she's two, she thinks tidying up is a great game, and is something she simply loves doing. Hey! This is my dream!

I wonder whether one of these would help at all? At least once everything's picked up, I can shut the lid and have some semblance of order, right?

Well, there's no success without trying and this chest pops up in seconds, revealing 40x60x30 cm space for your kids' toys, games and so on.

The toy box is part of the 3 for 2 offer and you'll receive 108 Boots Clubcard points for this purchase.

Thanks to soaps at HUKD


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